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Biodiversity Photography :: Natural Sound Recording

A fusion of scientific, documentary and aesthetic imaging and sound

Designed to server the needs of:

  1. Conservation Organizations

  2. Natural and Environmental Education Centers

  3. Field Scientists

  4. Public Land Resource Managers

New Meaning for Biodiversity...

    The study of biodiversity has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past five years, due in part to an innovate project taking place in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The mission is to create a complete inventory of all life forms within its boundaries.

    Since 1997, the scientists and volunteers participating in this project have collected and identified 829 species completely new to science and almost 5,000 species that were not previously known to exist there. About 10,000 species have been identified since the Park opened in 1927, but now it is estimated that the actual number may be as high as 100,000. As a result, the belief that that there were no new species left to discover has been dispelled and the door has been opened to a whole new world of exploration. This door has opened not just to the rare and endangered places, but also into local communities and backyards across the country

    In 1999 I began working with this project as the photographic coordinator and shortly afterward formed All Species Photography and Sound in order to support the main organizations and institutions that study biodiversity or educate the public about its importance. I have created services that are geared to help such organizations spark the interest and imagination of the public. By translating the process of scientific investigation into more tangible images and sound I hope to help these organizations inspire people to become “citizen scientists” and begin to view the study of biodiversity as a new and exciting adventure.